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1st November 2004:

   2 LPB's were injured yesterday when a tanker wagon moved unexpectedly. The men were working on track leading to new sidings beside the engine shed construction site. Official reports say that this was probably not an act of God but an act of a friend of God. 

8th November 2004

Elisa Bartholomew Jackson Co. Contracted to construct logging Wharf.

11th November 2004

Miss Fiona Pokeworthy contracted for staff maintenance and cleansing by the HR department

17th November 2004

FLOODING. This morning at around 1:00am residents were woken to find that a large section of land, scheduled for future development, was underwater as the nearby river burst its banks. A spokesperson said that this was in no way the fault of the railroad companies and their large earthworks but was merely an act of god.

18th November 2004

Elisa Bartholomew Jackson Co. start work on wharf and consolidation of land effected by flooding. In similar news, small earth tremors have been experienced all over town. theses are thought to be caused by the nearby mining and have started rock slides covering the land around the river bank.

10th November 2004

Larson's Gentlemen's entertainments has announced the purchase of the sight of a ramshackle chemist and intend to turn it into the towns foremost attraction.

25th November 2004

Strange lights spotted in sky. These multicoloured stars have been described as "points of light that slowly appear and disappear." It is thought that these will persist until some time January although there exact nature is not known.

4th December 2004

Phase 1 of dock pilings complete. First boat arrives to pick up cargo only to be told that the crane couldn't be built until well into phase three. further work to commence soon


Quotes (mainly mumbled by LPB's):

God is 522 feet tall.

   Its not what size it is, its how detailed it is.

There are no buffers at the end of the world, so don't forget to stop.

The inspection pit is awaiting the inspection pit inspectors to come and inspect it.

    1 foot is 3.5mm and you know what they say about people with small feet. small shoes.

"OK. Not bad. But next time, wait for the turntable to reach you before moving forward. Now where did I leave that crane?"

(Seen on the back of a 3 truck Shay) My other Train is an 4-6-6-4

(Seen on the back of a Big Boy) If you like this you should see my Climax



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